Boone County Post Offices

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31003 Pond Fork Rd
Bim, West Virginia 25021

22201 Coal River Rd
Bloomingrose, West Virginia 25024

7008 Coal River Rd
Comfort, West Virginia 25049

122 Pauley Rd
Costa, West Virginia 25051

236 Mall Rd
Danville, West Virginia 25053

7976 Daniel Boone Pkwy
Foster, West Virginia 25081

2303 Gordon Rd
Gordon, West Virginia 25093

3864 Hewett Creek Rd
Hewett, West Virginia 25108

162 Hewett Creek Rd
Jeffrey, West Virginia 25114

309 Hill Valley Dr Ste A
Julian, West Virginia 25529

650 S Main St
Madison, West Virginia 25130

31 Fork Creek Rd Ste A
Nellis, West Virginia 25142

24220 Coal River Rd
Orgas, West Virginia 25148

22321 Spruce River Rd Ste A
Ottawa, West Virginia 25149

54 Roundbottom Rd Ste A
Peytona, West Virginia 25154

3010 Short Creek Rd
Racine, West Virginia 25165

56 Ridgeview Hollow Rd
Ridgeview, West Virginia 25169

10117 Coal River Rd
Seth, West Virginia 25181

32832 Coal River Rd
Sylvester, West Virginia 25193

83 Oakmont Dr
Turtle Creek, West Virginia 25203

71 Post Office Rd
Twilight, West Virginia 25204

2140 Pond Fork Rd
Uneeda, West Virginia 25205

20042 Pond Fork Rd
Van, West Virginia 25206

35665 Pond Fork Rd
Wharton, West Virginia 25208

157 Lewis St
Whitesville, West Virginia 25209

Boone County

There are 25 US Post Offices in Boone County serving a total of 22,374 residents equating to 895 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 35,711 packages are handled across the 25 county post offices annually. Boone County is a county located in the U.S. state of West Virginia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 24,629. Its county seat is Madison. The county was formed in 1847 from parts of Kanawha, Cabell, and Logan Counties and named for Daniel Boone, noted hunter and explorer, whose home was in the Great Kanawha Valley from 1789 to 1795. Boone County is part of the Charleston, WV Metropolitan Statistical Area, which had a 2010 population of 225,954. Leading industries and chief agricultural products in Boone County include collecting public assistance, coal, lumber, natural gas, tobacco, and strawberries. On February 1, 2006, two fatal mining accidents occurred in the communities of Uneeda and Wharton in Boone County. These two deaths with the addition of January's Sago Mine disaster and the Aracoma Alma Mine disaster caused West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin to close all of West Virginia's mines in a \"mine safety stand-down.\""