USPS Post Office Hours

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Facts About the Post Office

For over two centuries, the US has relied on the post office to send and receive important packages. The Postal Service in the US has a long story which can best be told using the following facts:

1. Largest Delivery Area

The USPS delivers more mail to more addresses in a wider geographical area than any other postal service in the world. The USPS delivers to over 157 million addresses in every town, city, and state in the US and its territories.

2. First Postmaster General

The Post Office Department was established in 1775 with the then president, Benjamin Franklin, being appointed as the first Postmaster General. He was paid an annual salary of $1000. This makes the postal service the second oldest federal department in the US.

3. Over 400 Million Mailpieces

On a normal day, the US Postal Service processes and delivers 493 million mailpieces. On average, that’s 20.6 million every hour, 342,638 every minute, and 5,711 every second.

4. 50 Cents

For just 50 cents, anybody in the US can send a letter using the USPS regardless of where they are to anywhere in the US.

5. Sustainability

The USPS is aware of the fight for the environment and has put in place measures to boost sustainability in its operations. For instance, the USPS operates a fleet of over 47,000 vehicles operating on alternative fuel, most of which are powered by ethanol. There are also electric, liquid propane gas, and compressed natural gas vehicles as well.

6. Free Package Pickup

The USPS offers a free Package Pickup service for customers who request Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages to be picked up at their offices or homes as part of the carrier’s route.

7. Stamp Firsts

In 1893, Queen Isabella was the first woman to ever appear on a US postage stamp. In 1902, Martha Washington was the first woman h0nored on a US stamp. In 1907, Pocah0ntas became the first Native American to appear on a US stamp. Booker T. Washington became the Black American to be featured on a stamp in 1940.

8. Veterans

The USPS employs over 105,000 military veterans. The Postal Service has also issued over 140 stamps to honor the nation’s rich military history.

9. Retail Giant

The US Postal Service has the largest retail network in the US, covering all states and territories of the US. Their retail network is a lot bigger than top retail companies like Walmart, Starbucks, and McDonald’s combined.

10. Zero tax dollars

The USPS receives zero tax dollars for their operating expenses and solely relies on the sale of its services, products, and postage to fund its operations.

11. Who’s paying?

Until the mid-19th century, the recipient- not the sender- usually had to pay for the letters they received. Consequently, people tended to reject so many letters to avoid paying for them which led to the post office spending a lot of time and money returning mail to senders. To eliminate this problem, postage stamps were introduced in the US in 1847. Since they were prepaid, the sender had to pay for the service.