USPS Post Office Hours

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History of the United States Post Office

The USPS was designed to allow residents in the United States access to affordable, secure and efficient mail services within their country.

The earliest mail services in the United States dates right back to the year 1775. Services were provided when the Second Continental Congress was taking place. A man named Benjamin Franklin was the first general postman.

The very first post office was founded in 1792. This business operated from Benjamin's workplace before it grew to a cabinet-level department. This new department began in 1872. During 1971 it was then known as the United States Postal Service. This acted as an agency for the government of the country at the time.

When the 1980's arrived, the post Office decided to provide tax subsidies. These were designed for those who voted from overseas or who were disabled. Not only that, but first-class mail services were soon made available.

During the nineteenth century, the postal system had an important part in its growth throughout the whole country. During these years it grew out into the Western areas of the United States. This allowed the services to provide a system that was not only convenient, but also fast and affordable. The early settlers were able to post letters to try to convince others to move to the West. The service also allowed families who were far away from each other to contact each other on a regular basis. The Army were also able to take advantage of the postal service. It allowed them to take control over more areas in the west.

Newspapers were also sent out in the mail. These were able to be sent to different states. Not just remain in one state.

Also during the nineteenth century, the Post Office was very helpful to the government.

The twentieth century saw the inclusion of a parcel post service for domestic locations. This was introduced by a man named Frank H Hitchcock. It was he who arranged for a larger number of mail to be posted all throughout the country. He also arranged for a better transport system for the mail. As parcel post was introduced, mail orders were also able to be used.

These days, the USPS is the third biggest civilian employer in the whole of the United States. During 2006, it was noted that the service was delivering approximately six hundred and sixty different types of mail services around the country. Since 2014, there have been thirty one thousand different post office locations throughout the country. All up, the mail services now deliver approximately one hundred and fifty five billion pieces of mail on a regular basis.

The USPS also operates with the Department of Defense. Many will know this as the Army Post Office and the Fleet Post Office. These are designed for those in the Air Force or the Army and those in the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard or the Navy.

The postal service is also available on Sunday's but this is only for not for any other service.

Change of Address

If you are planning to move, your-to-do list is likely comprised of such tasks as packing boxes, hiring a moving truck, and coming up with an inventory list. However, one thing that most of us tend to forget is to ensure that our friends, family, and business associates are able to reach us at the new address we are relocating to. Generally, the U.S. postal service (USPS) provides 3 easy options on how we can get correspondence at our new address as follows: 1. Change-of-address forms This entails filling out a change-of-address form so that whatever mail is sent to your former address can be re-routed to your new abode. Such services last for a year after which any mail sent to your former address is automatically returned to its sender. 2. Premium-forwarding service Premium-forwarding services allow bills and letters to be forwarded, if only temporarily. If you decide to sign up, this arrangement is ideal for those who maintain dual residences i.e. if you live in Orlando during the winter period and are in Iowa for the summer, then your correspondence could follow you. Remember, however, that such services attract a cost- an enrollment fee of $15 coupled with an extra cost of $17 for each week that your mail is forwarded to your new address. 3. General Delivery service The USPS’s general delivery service can also be employed by those who move to new towns but are yet to be issued with a permanent address at their new stations. Here, your business associates, friends, and family can be able to reach you by sending mail that is addressed to you and accompanied with the words �General Delivery’ as well as the state, city, and a ZIP code of your current location’s main post office. This means that your mail could be addressed to Jane Doe; General Delivery; your state, town, 222222-4321, and Jane Doe would then be able to collect their correspondence from the post office up to a month after it first landed there. Permanent address change In order for one to permanently change their address, one has to fill out a change-of-address form. This can be done by downloading an online form; online; or by visiting the nearest post office, and after filling the said form, mailing it back to the post office. Of these 3 ways, the easiest is, undoubtedly, filling out the forms online although one has to use either a credit or debit card (a $1 verification fee has to be paid in order to guard against fraud). Your credit or debit card information is then matched with an address already on their file so as to ascertain that you are indeed the person effecting the address change rather than an identity thief. When filling out the above form, one is usually asked whether their move is permanent or temporary as well as when your mail ought to start being forwarded. It is highly advisable not to postpone this until the last minute which is why the USPS recommends filling out the form at least 10 days prior to when you need your mail to be forwarded. Conversely, you do not want to be too quick to fill out the forms as the initial forwarding date should not be more than 3 months from the time you put your details down on paper. Lastly, do not forget to indicate whether the address change is being done on behalf of an individual, family, or business entity. Again, if you receive mail under several names e.g. a maiden name or alias, change-of-address forms ought to be completed for each name. However, members of the same family who share a last name need only fill one form.

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USPS Hold Mail

There was a time when going on vacation meant a lot of things you don't ordinarily need to be concerned about. There's letting the sanitation people know to not watch for your garbage, holding having your milk delivered, and last but not least, having the US Postal Service holding your mail. This last step used to be more important than it is today since there was so much more mail to be delivered, but today, with electronic mail, automatic bill pay, and so much more, there is considerably less to worry about, even if you will be done for several days or longer.Despite all of this, most people do like the idea of having their mail held since whenever you are gone for any length of time you run the risk of ending up with your mail missing or lost. The trouble with this, however, was that having a hold placed on your mail meant going to the Post Office, filling out the paperwork, and hoping that it had the intended result. Even when you returned, getting the mail that was held was still a matter of going to the Post Office to release the hold and picking up whatever was there.Held Mail: All of the OptionsIf you don't want a hold placed on your mail by the Post Office, there still are other options for you to make sure yours is there when you return. You could have a friend or neighbor pick up the mail while you are gone, or you could take the chance of it being there--in one piece--when you return. On the other hand, if you don't want to be a burden or inconvenience someone else, you could have the Post Office hold the mail for you. Fortunately, this option can be activated simply by going online and doing it yourself, without charge and with very little hassle.There are three ways to have your mail held by the Post Office: request in person at the Post Office, place a hold via the Internet, and by telephone.* In Person. This might be the old-fashioned way to place a hold, but many people still prefer it, going to the Post Office, filling out a piece of paper, and leaving it with the officials there. This is a hassle, but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the form was filled out correctly and it was submitted to the appropriate person.* Via the Internet. A growing number of people are opting for the convenience of submitted their hold via the USPS website. All you need to do this is to go to, go to the tab on the far left of the website near the bottom where it says, hold mail, then click on that head. What you will see next is a complete description of what happens to your mail while it is being held, as well as all of the information that you need to complete in order for that hold to take effect.* Via Phone. The last option you have to get your mail on a USPS hold mail is to call their toll-free number and simply request that your mail be held until you return. The clerk you speak with will be able to take the needed information from you for all the work to be done.When It's OverAfter you return from your vacation, you will want to get your mail. This is all done automatically by giving the date you will return to the USPS, so that as soon as your next delivery day comes after you return you will receive your mail.

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Post Office Box (P.O. BOX)

Variously referred to as a post office box or post-office box, a P.O. Box is a uniquely addressed box that is located within the premises of a post office. Generally, these boxes are rented from the post office by either businesses or individuals on a basis ranging from annual to monthly, with the cost varying depending on the size of the box. CBD(central business district) boxes are often more expensive than those in rural areas. Post office boxes allow users to have a separate business mailing address. As such, all correspondence is usually delivered to the delivery office at the post office rather than a business or home address. There are various reasons why this can serve as a practical option for you among them: · The chance to have a shorter address and one that is also easier to remember thus allowing you to remain anonymous. · One can collect mail whenever it suits them. · Having an official business address for those that work within the confines of their home. · Proper security with an ID required for accessing mail. Additionally, correspondence that would normally be delivered to your home can also be redirected to a specified P.O. Box if you so wish thus ensuring that all mail is kept together. Remember, however that any correspondence will have to be under the same name as that on the P.O. Box registration. How it works P.O. Boxes can be immensely beneficial to many people by ensuring that any mail sent via the USPS goes directly to the local post office delivery office. Mail will then remain at this location until you are able to collect it at your own convenience. Most correspondence can be sent to post office boxes, but there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, mail from other couriers may not be accepted and any mail bearing the words do not redirect is usually returned to the sender. Users also need to be aware of correspondence that needs to be signed for, with a card often left in your P.O. Box to alert you of this. This card needs to be collected within seven days otherwise the mail will be returned to the sender. How to get one If you wish to have a P.O. Box, the first thing that you will need to do is to fill out an application form. This can either be found on the USPS website or at your local post office. Once you are done filling out this form, ensure that you include correct payment and a proof of address before sending it to the post office. Why you should get one Most people find post office boxes extremely useful and here are 4 reasons why you should purchase one for your correspondence as follows: · Quick delivery Since P.O. Boxes are hosted by post offices, quick delivery of mail is guaranteed. As such, correspondence to post office boxes is usually delivered faster than to a home or business address. You do not have to wait for the postman to come by and you are likely access your mail before 12pm. This is highly convenient for same day mail-out. · Increased security Post office boxes are located inside post offices and are often locked 24/7. The only way to access them is with the right combination lock or key thus making them very secure. · Enhanced privacy Another reason why people opt for P.O. Boxes is to guard their privacy. Since you may not want everyone to know where you live, a post office box offers the perfect solution. Moreover, it provides a separate address to your business or home and can be used for the correspondence you want. · Great prices Many people put off the decision to purchase post office boxes because they feel like they are too expensive. This, however, could not be further from the truth with P.O. Box rentals starting at very low prices. In fact, the cheapest options start for as little as $7 a month.

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