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In the modern age of the internet, a lot of people would dismiss the post office as another one of those industries that died when the internet came. However, this is hardly the case. A lot of people still depend on the post office to send and receive mail and parcels from friends, loved ones, and business associates. Since different Americans have unique needs, The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides the following services, each made to serve different needs:

1. Priority Mail Express

This is the fastest domestic service which is available throughout the year including during the holidays. It comes with an overnight delivery guarantee to most USA addresses including PO Boxes. Priority Mail Express uses a flat rate pricing model starting at $24.70 online and at Post Office locations. For parcels weighing up to 70lbs no weighing or calculating is needed. There are three kinds of flat rate envelopes available- legal Flat Rate Envelope, Flat Rate envelope, and Padded Flat Rate Envelope- all of which come with an affordable pricing that offers one rate to any state.

Priority Mail Express features a free pickup service and tracking information with USPS Tracking. It also comes with $100 insurance for most shipments. Except for Flat Rate Envelopes, Priority Mail Express prices depend on zone and weight. If for any reason your package does not arrive within the guaranteed time, you get a refund.

2. Priority Mail

This is another USPS service that allows you to get the most out of your money in 1, 2, or 3 business days depending on where the package is going to and where it is being sent from. Prices begin at $6.70 at Post Office locations and online. Priority Mail also features a flat rate pricing model where no weighing is necessary for packages weighing up to 70 lbs. Free Package Pickup and USPS Tracking is also included when you ship online and at retail. Priority Mail includes $50 of insurance with most shipments. However, the expected delivery date doesn’t come with a money back guarantee.

3. First-Class Mail

First-Class Mail offers an affordable way to send lightweight packages and envelopes. If you are sending a package that weighs no more than 13 oz, first-class mail is the best-priced service. The prices vary based on weight, shape, and size of the package or envelope you are sending. First-Class Mail has great offers, especially for Businesses. For one, businesses get one price for up to 3.5 oz which provides a cost-effective way to include promotional messages with invoices, bills, and statements.

4. USPS Retail Ground

The Retail Ground is an economical and reliable way to ship oversized and less-than-urgent packages. USPS Retail Ground is perfect for packages that are too large for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express delivery. Prices start from $6.70 at Post Offices only and include USPS Tracking.

5. Media Mail

Media Mail offers a cost-effective way to send any media and educational materials such as books, printed music and test materials, printed educational charts, video and sound recordings, medical binders and loose-leaf pages, and computer-readable media. Note that computer drives, video games, and digital drives do not qualify. Prices start from $2.66 at Post Offices only.