Grant County Post Offices

140 S Bagley Ave
Bagley, Wisconsin 53801

9502 Muscallounge Rd
Beetown, Wisconsin 53802

472 Canal St
Bloomington, Wisconsin 53804

105 Superior St
Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805

205 E Amelia St
Cassville, Wisconsin 53806

101 S Madison St
Cuba City, Wisconsin 53807

200 W Main St
Dickeyville, Wisconsin 53808

1090 12th St
Fennimore, Wisconsin 53809

13211 Main St
Glen Haven, Wisconsin 53810

2130 N Percival St
Hazel Green, Wisconsin 53811

3664 County Road Hhh
Kieler, Wisconsin 53812

236 W Maple St
Lancaster, Wisconsin 53813

295 N Center St
Livingston, Wisconsin 53554

105 S Fountain St
Montfort, Wisconsin 53569

110 E Main St
Mount Hope, Wisconsin 53816

306 Main St
Patch Grove, Wisconsin 53817

85 S Court St
Platteville, Wisconsin 53818

101 East St
Potosi, Wisconsin 53820

519 County Road Z
Sinsinawa, Wisconsin 53824

4011 Commercial St Ste 1
Stitzer, Wisconsin 53825

Grant County

There are 20 US Post Offices in Grant County serving a total of 50,709 residents equating to 2,535 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 80,937 packages are handled across the 20 county post offices annually. Grant County is a county located in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. As of the 2010 census, the population was 51,208. Its county seat is Lancaster. Grant County comprises the Platteville, WI Micropolitan Statistical Area. It is in the tri-state area of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and is crossed by travelers commuting to Madison from a number of eastern Iowan cities, and by residents of northern Illinois traveling to the Twin Cities or La Crosse, Wisconsin.