Accomack County Post Offices

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23380 Front St
Accomac, Virginia 23301

11360 Atlantic Rd
Assawoman, Virginia 23302

9561 Atlantic Rd
Atlantic, Virginia 23303

35561 Belle Haven Rd
Belle Haven, Virginia 23306

26099 Shoremain Dr
Bloxom, Virginia 23308

4144 Main St
Chincoteague Island, Virginia 23336

34032 Craddockville Rd
Craddockville, Virginia 23341

1529 Stockton Ave
Greenbackville, Virginia 23356

21988 Greenbush Rd
Greenbush, Virginia 23357

27497 Main St
Hallwood, Virginia 23359

28059 Dockview St
Harborton, Virginia 23389

4581 Fleming Rd
Horntown, Virginia 23395

18243 1st St
Keller, Virginia 23401

28033 Drummondtown Rd
Locustville, Virginia 23404

14148 Lankford Hwy
Mappsville, Virginia 23407

19268 Airport Dr
Melfa, Virginia 23410

16150 Lankford Hwy
Nelsonia, Virginia 23414

4136 Lankford Hwy
New Church, Virginia 23415

8133 Lankford Hwy
Oak Hall, Virginia 23416

35 Market St
Onancock, Virginia 23417

25468 Coastal Blvd
Onley, Virginia 23418

33280 Hickman St
Painter, Virginia 23420

24290 Cooke St
Parksley, Virginia 23421

30296 Bobtown Rd
Pungoteague, Virginia 23422

35369 Upshurs Neck Rd
Quinby, Virginia 23423

20264 Saxis Rd
Saxis, Virginia 23427

4432 Post Office Rd
Tangier, Virginia 23440

24148 Merry Branch Rd
Tasley, Virginia 23441

10469 Lankford Hwy
Temperanceville, Virginia 23442

19 Main St
Wachapreague, Virginia 23480

7 Oreiley St Bldg E
Wallops Island, Virginia 23337

28309 Withams Rd
Withams, Virginia 23488

Accomack County

There are 32 US Post Offices in Accomack County serving a total of 32,698 residents equating to 1,022 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 52,190 packages are handled across the 32 county post offices annually. Accomack County is a United States county located in the eastern edge of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Together, Accomack and Northampton counties make up the Eastern Shore of Virginia, which in turn is part of the Delmarva Peninsula, bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The Accomack county seat is the town of Accomac. The Eastern Shore of Virginia was known as \"Accomac Shire,\" until it was renamed Northampton County in 1642. The present Accomack County was created from Northampton County in 1663. The county and the original shire were named for the Accawmack Indians, who resided in the area when the English first explored it in 1603. As of the 2010 census, the total population was 33,164 people. The population of Accomack has remained relatively stable over the last century, though Accomack is one of the poorest parts of Virginia."