Venango County Post Offices

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201 Irwin St
Clintonville, Pennsylvania 16372

137 Bradleytown Rd
Cooperstown, Pennsylvania 16317

714 Main St
Emlenton, Pennsylvania 16373

1202 Elk St
Franklin, Pennsylvania 16323

240 Main St
Kennerdell, Pennsylvania 16374

302 E 2nd St
Oil City, Pennsylvania 16301

125 S Main St
Pleasantville, Pennsylvania 16341

710 Main St
Polk, Pennsylvania 16342

1891 Allegheny Blvd
Reno, Pennsylvania 16343

114 Cherry Run Rd
Rouseville, Pennsylvania 16344

130 Meadow Rd
Seneca, Pennsylvania 16346

3838 Academy St
Utica, Pennsylvania 16362

4650 State Route 157
Venus, Pennsylvania 16364

Venango County

There are 13 US Post Offices in Venango County serving a total of 51,105 residents equating to 3,931 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 81,569 packages are handled across the 13 county post offices annually. Venango County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 54,984. Its county seat is Franklin. The county was created in 1800 and later organized in 1805. Venango County comprises the Oil City, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area. It is defined as part of the Pittsburgh media market.