Greene County Post Offices

1169 Aleppo Rd
Aleppo, Pennsylvania 15310

778 Larimer Ave
Bobtown, Pennsylvania 15315

120 Oak Forest Rd
Brave, Pennsylvania 15316

111 N Market St
Carmichaels, Pennsylvania 15320

103b Crucible Carmichaels Rd
Crucible, Pennsylvania 15325

2854 State Route 88
Dilliner, Pennsylvania 15327

288 Garards Fort Rd
Garards Fort, Pennsylvania 15334

1167 W Roy Furman Hwy
Graysville, Pennsylvania 15337

304 Front St
Greensboro, Pennsylvania 15338

2769 Golden Oaks Rd
Holbrook, Pennsylvania 15341

1422 Jefferson Rd
Jefferson, Pennsylvania 15344

319 3rd St
Mather, Pennsylvania 15346

100 Main St
Mount Morris, Pennsylvania 15349

1 Pershing Blvd
Nemacolin, Pennsylvania 15351

119 Main St
New Freeport, Pennsylvania 15352

1750 Browns Creek Rd
Nineveh, Pennsylvania 15353

113 Rices Landing Rd
Rices Landing, Pennsylvania 15357

140 Church St
Rogersville, Pennsylvania 15359

115 Spraggs Rd
Spraggs, Pennsylvania 15362

123 Ww Railroad Rd
Sycamore, Pennsylvania 15364

120 S Morris St
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370

466 W Roy Furman Hwy
Wind Ridge, Pennsylvania 15380

Greene County

There are 22 US Post Offices in Greene County serving a total of 36,827 residents equating to 1,674 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 58,780 packages are handled across the 22 county post offices annually. Greene County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 38,686. Its county seat is Waynesburg. Greene County was created on February 9, 1796, from part of Washington County and named for General Nathanael Greene. Greene County is part of the Pittsburgh DMA. It is located in the area of southwestern Pennsylvania that was formerly claimed by Virginia, the District of West Augusta."