Auglaize County Post Offices

62 E 4th St
Minster, Ohio 45865

111 N Main St
New Bremen, Ohio 45869

46 E Market St
New Hampshire, Ohio 45870

105 S Main St
New Knoxville, Ohio 45871

120 N Chestnut St
Saint Marys, Ohio 45885

7 N Main St
Uniopolis, Ohio 45888

12 Willipie St
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

109 N Westminster St
Waynesfield, Ohio 45896

Auglaize County

There are 8 US Post Offices in Auglaize County serving a total of 44,305 residents equating to 5,538 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 70,716 packages are handled across the 8 county post offices annually. Auglaize County /\u02c8\u0254\u02d0\u0261le\u026az/ is a county located in the U.S. state of Ohio. As of the 2010 census, the population was 45,949. Its county seat is Wapakoneta. The county is named for the Auglaize River. Some sources say it is a corruption of the French description of the clay (glaise) water (eau), whereas others say it comes from a Native American word meaning 'fallen timbers'. Another weak possibility according to is that it could have been the French term la glace [*aux glaces?], which means 'mirror', or 'ice' ['at the ices'?]. There is something to be said for the unattested eau glaise 'clay water' (as if 'dirty water'), like attested terre glaise 'clay soil', but both Ramsey and Stewart agree that Auglaize (and variants, implying \"*aux glaises\") is American French for 'at the lick(s)', literally 'at the clays', where wild beasts came to lick salt and minerals from the soil, and fulfilling the lacuna in standard French for a \"salt lick.\" The spelling \"glaize\" is archaic (as in Cotgrave's French-English dictionary of 1611). In addition, in Arkansas there is a creek and mountain Glazypeau, from French glaise \u00e0 Paul 'Paul's lick'. The assumed indigenous American (Algonquian) \"'fallen timbers' or 'overgrown with brush'\" has no support without any attested etymons supplied and would not match phonetically in the case of Shawnee. Auglaize County comprises the Wapakoneta, OH Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Lima-Van Wert-Celina, OH Combined Statistical Area."