Sheridan County Post Offices

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104 Main St
Antelope, Montana 59211

205 W Central Ave
Dagmar, Montana 59219

107 2nd Ave N
Medicine Lake, Montana 59247

202 Main St
Outlook, Montana 59252

302 N Main St
Plentywood, Montana 59254

310 Raymond Rd
Raymond, Montana 59256

400 E Central Ave
Reserve, Montana 59258

201 Main St
Westby, Montana 59275

Sheridan County

There are 8 US Post Offices in Sheridan County serving a total of 3,270 residents equating to 409 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 5,219 packages are handled across the 8 county post offices annually. Sheridan County is a county located in the U.S. state of Montana. As of the 2010 census, the population was 3,384. Its county seat is Plentywood. Sheridan County was established in 1913 when the Montana Legislature split Dawson and Valley Counties. It was named after American Civil War General Philip Sheridan. Its northern boundary is the Canada\u2013United States border south of Saskatchewan."