Tuscola County Post Offices

4282 Beach St
Akron, Michigan 48701

210 W Lincoln St
Caro, Michigan 48723

4544 Sherman St
Cass City, Michigan 48726

1522 Railroad St
Deford, Michigan 48729

2045 N Main St
Fairgrove, Michigan 48733

9301 Foster St
Fostoria, Michigan 48435

6483 Lincoln St
Gagetown, Michigan 48735

3484 River St
Kingston, Michigan 48741

6120 Fulton St
Mayville, Michigan 48744

4717 Main St
Millington, Michigan 48746

2077 Gates St
Reese, Michigan 48757

9400 W Saginaw Rd
Richville, Michigan 48758

2760 Clifford Rd
Silverwood, Michigan 48760

6599 Center St
Unionville, Michigan 48767

203 N Main St
Vassar, Michigan 48768

Tuscola County

There are 15 US Post Offices in Tuscola County serving a total of 58,888 residents equating to 3,926 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 93,992 packages are handled across the 15 county post offices annually. Tuscola County is a county located in the Thumb region of the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2010 census, the population was 55,729. The county seat is Caro. The county was created by Michigan Law on April 1, 1840, from land in Sanilac County and attached to Saginaw County for administrative purposes. The Michigan Legislature passed an act on March 2, 1850, that empowered the county residents to organize governmental functions. Tuscola County is one of five counties that are in the Thumb area. Like the rest of the thumb, Tuscola County enjoys seasonal tourism from larger cities like Flint, Detroit and Saginaw."