Aroostook County Post Offices

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14 Sheridan Rd
Ashland, Maine 04732

6 School St
Benedicta, Maine 04733

42 Military Rd
Blaine, Maine 04734

486 Main Rd
Bridgewater, Maine 04735

41 Sweden St
Caribou, Maine 04736

437 Washburn Rd
Crouseville, Maine 04738

3315 Aroostook Rd
Eagle Lake, Maine 04739

87 Center Rd
Easton, Maine 04740

289 Main St
Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742

152 W Main St
Fort Kent, Maine 04743

345 Market St Unit 102
Fort Kent Mills, Maine 04744

386 Us Route 1
Frenchville, Maine 04745

6 Traverse St
Grand Isle, Maine 04746

39 Court St Ste 9998
Houlton, Maine 04730

1009 Crystal Rd
Island Falls, Maine 04747

1383 Kingman Rd
Kingman, Maine 04451

29 Main St
Limestone, Maine 04750

370 Main St
Madawaska, Maine 04756

1754 Main St
Mapleton, Maine 04757

7 Lincoln St
Mars Hill, Maine 04758

428 Us Hwy 1
Monticello, Maine 04760

414 Station Rd
New Sweden, Maine 04762

198 Oakfield Smyrna Rd
Oakfield, Maine 04763

2a Mouse Island Rd
Perham, Maine 04766

1 School St
Portage, Maine 04768

23 2nd St
Presque Isle, Maine 04769

353 Main St
Saint Agatha, Maine 04772

994 Main St
Saint David, Maine 04773

890 Main St
Saint Francis, Maine 04774

11 Woodbridge Corner Rd
Sherman, Maine 04776

251 Sinclair Rd
Sinclair, Maine 04779

3391 Us Route 2
Smyrna Mills, Maine 04780

279 Main St
Stockholm, Maine 04783

42 Main St
Van Buren, Maine 04785

174 Soldier Pond Rd
Wallagrass, Maine 04781

9 Woodman St
Washburn, Maine 04786

286 Burleigh Rd
Westfield, Maine 04787

751 Main St
Wytopitlock, Maine 04497

Aroostook County

There are 38 US Post Offices in Aroostook County serving a total of 70,550 residents equating to 1,857 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 112,606 packages are handled across the 38 county post offices annually. Aroostook County is a county located in the U.S. state of Maine along the Canada\u2013US border. As of the 2010 census, the population was 71,870. Its seat is Houlton. Known locally in Maine simply as \"The County,\" it is the largest American county by land area east of the Rocky Mountains (St. Louis County, Minnesota is larger by total area) and the largest county by total area in Maine. As Maine's northernmost county, its northernmost village, Estcourt Station, is therefore also the northernmost community in New England and in the contiguous United States east of the Great Lakes. Aroostook County is known for its potato crops, as well as its Acadian culture. In the Saint John Valley in the northern part of the county, which borders Madawaska County, New Brunswick, many of the residents are bilingual in English and Acadian French. Elsewhere in Maine, New England French is the predominant form of French spoken (apart from standard French). The county is also an emerging hub for wind power."