Breckinridge County Post Offices

218 Poplar St
Cloverport, Kentucky 40111

6028 E Highway 86
Custer, Kentucky 40115

6621 E Highway 60
Garfield, Kentucky 40140

234 S Main St
Hardinsburg, Kentucky 40143

48 S Highway 259
Harned, Kentucky 40144

111 N 1st St
Irvington, Kentucky 40146

9501 S Highway 259
Mc Daniels, Kentucky 40152

6801 S Highway 261
Mc Quady, Kentucky 40153

9757 E Highway 144
Stephensport, Kentucky 40170

12321 N Highway 261
Webster, Kentucky 40176

Breckinridge County

There are 10 US Post Offices in Breckinridge County serving a total of 16,625 residents equating to 1,663 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 26,535 packages are handled across the 10 county post offices annually. Breckinridge County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 20,059. Its county seat is Hardinsburg, Kentucky. The county was formed in 1799 and was named for John Breckinridge (1760\u20131806), an Kentucky Attorney General, state legislator, United States Senator, and United States Attorney General. Breckinridge County is a wet county following a local option election on January 29, 2013 but was a prohibition or dry county for the prior 105 years."