Fulton County Post Offices

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214 W Broadway
Astoria, Illinois 61501

103 E Main St
Bryant, Illinois 61519

60 W Elm St
Canton, Illinois 61520

307 E Jefferson St
Cuba, Illinois 61427

316 Center St
Dunfermline, Illinois 61524

100 E Main St
Ellisville, Illinois 61431

520 Carter St
Fairview, Illinois 61432

67 W Fort St
Farmington, Illinois 61531

14279 E State Route 9
Fiatt, Illinois 61433

40 E Main St
Ipava, Illinois 61441

301 N Main St
Lewistown, Illinois 61542

145 W Chestnut St
Liverpool, Illinois 61543

102 S 2nd St
London Mills, Illinois 61544

107 W Coal St
Marietta, Illinois 61459

205 W Division St
Norris, Illinois 61553

305 Main St
Saint David, Illinois 61563

148 S Main St
Smithfield, Illinois 61477

123 E Side Sq
Table Grove, Illinois 61482

100 W 2nd St
Vermont, Illinois 61484

Fulton County

There are 19 US Post Offices in Fulton County serving a total of 35,917 residents equating to 1,890 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 57,328 packages are handled across the 19 county post offices annually. Fulton County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. According to the 2010 census, it had a population of 37,069. Its county seat is Lewistown, and the largest city is Canton. Fulton County comprises the Canton, IL Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is included in the Peoria-Canton, IL Combined Statistical Area. Fulton County is part of Forgottonia. Bob Bucher is the Chairman of the Fulton County Board. Mike Hays was the County Administrator until the position was eliminated."