Kalawao County Post Offices

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290 Beretania St
Kalaupapa, Hawaii 96742

Kalawao County

There are 1 US Post Offices in Kalawao County serving a total of 90 residents equating to 90 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 144 packages are handled across the 1 county post offices annually. Kalawao County is a county located in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The county encompasses the Kalaupapa or Makanalua Peninsula, on the north coast of the island of Moloka\u02bbi. The small peninsula of Kalaupapa is isolated from the rest of Moloka\u02bbi by sea cliffs over a quarter-mile high\u2014the only land access is a mule trail. As of the 2010 census, the population was 90, making it the least-populous county in Hawaii and the second least populous county in the United States. Because of the small population, Kalawao County does not have the functions of other Hawaii counties. It is a judicial district of Maui County, which includes the rest of the island of Moloka\u02bbi. The county has no elected government. Developed and used from 1866 to 1969 for settlements for treatment of quarantined persons with leprosy, it is administered by the Hawaii Department of Health. The only county statutes that apply to Kalawao County directly are those on matters of health. Kalawao County is included in the Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI Metropolitan Statistical Area."

Post Offices by ZIP Code

  • 96742 - Kalaupapa HI