Woodruff County Post Offices

120 Main St
Augusta, Arkansas 72006

9907 Highway 37 S
Beedeville, Arkansas 72014

279 W Main St
Cotton Plant, Arkansas 72036

20087 Highway 33 S
Gregory, Arkansas 72059

245 SW Main St
Hunter, Arkansas 72074

203 N Edmonds Ave
Mc Crory, Arkansas 72101

111 S Main St
Patterson, Arkansas 72123

Woodruff County

There are 7 US Post Offices in Woodruff County serving a total of 7,512 residents equating to 1,073 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 11,990 packages are handled across the 7 county post offices annually. Woodruff County is located in the Arkansas Delta in the U.S. state of Arkansas. The county is named for William E. Woodruff, founder of the state's first newspaper, the Arkansas Gazette. Created as Arkansas's 54th county in 1862, Woodruff County is home to one incorporated town and four incorporated cities, including Augusta, the county seat. The county is also the site of numerous unincorporated communities and ghost towns. Occupying only 587 square miles (152,000 ha), Woodruff County is the 13th smallest county in Arkansas. As of the 2010 Census, the county's population is 7,260 people in 3,531 households. Based on population, the county is the second-smallest county of the 75 in Arkansas. Located in the Arkansas Delta, the county is largely flat with fertile soils. Historically covered in forest, bayous and swamps, the area was cleared for agriculture by early settlers. It is drained by the Cache River and the White River. Along the Cache River, the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) runs north-south across the county, preserving bottomland forest, sloughs and wildlife habitat. Although no Interstate highways are located in Woodruff County, two United States highways (U.S. Route 49 [US 49] and US 64) and twelve Arkansas state highways run in the county. Two Union Pacific Railroad lines cross the county."