Vernon County Post Offices

101 W 4th St
Bronaugh, Missouri 64728

102 E Main St
Deerfield, Missouri 64741

211 E Coates Ave
Harwood, Missouri 64750

101 Main St
Hume, Missouri 64752

117 S Main St
Metz, Missouri 64765

162 E Main St
Milo, Missouri 64767

101 S Main St
Moundville, Missouri 64771

104 S Oak St
Nevada, Missouri 64772

12309 S Main St
Richards, Missouri 64778

101 W 1st St
Schell City, Missouri 64783

300 W Main St
Sheldon, Missouri 64784

116 E Marvin Ave
Walker, Missouri 64790

Vernon County

There are 12 US Post Offices in Vernon County serving a total of 21,012 residents equating to 1,751 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 33,537 packages are handled across the 12 county post offices annually. Vernon County is a county located in west central Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the population was 21,159. Its county seat is Nevada. The county was organized on February 27, 1855 and was named for Col. Miles Vernon (1786\u20131867), a state senator and veteran of the Battle of New Orleans."