Pike County Post Offices

6804 Elkhorn Creek
Ashcamp, Kentucky 41512

14857 Regina Belcher Hwy
Belcher, Kentucky 41513

25320 Us Highway 119 N Ste 100
Belfry, Kentucky 41514

19245 E Big Creek Rd
Canada, Kentucky 41519

87 Dorton Jenkins Hwy
Dorton, Kentucky 41520

145 W Russell St
Elkhorn City, Kentucky 41522

500 Fedscreek Rd
Fedscreek, Kentucky 41524

2730 Kewanee Rd
Fords Branch, Kentucky 41526

1320 Forest Hills Rd
Forest Hills, Kentucky 41527

43903 State Highway 194 E
Freeburn, Kentucky 41528

2240 State Highway 319
Hardy, Kentucky 41531

126 Allegheny Rd
Hellier, Kentucky 41534

3440 Ky Highway 610 W
Jonancy, Kentucky 41538

9414 State Highway 194 E
Kimper, Kentucky 41539

1651 Lick Creek Rd
Lick Creek, Kentucky 41540

104 Main St
Pikeville, Kentucky 41501

48789 State Highway 194 E
Majestic, Kentucky 41547

2330 Pond Creek Rd Ste 105
Mc Andrews, Kentucky 41543

6884 State Highway 319
Mc Carr, Kentucky 41544

23590 S Levisa Rd
Mouthcard, Kentucky 41548

7282 Highway 610 W
Myra, Kentucky 41549

37719 State Highway 194 E
Phelps, Kentucky 41553

16240 Grapevine Rd
Phyllis, Kentucky 41554

3903 Pond Creek Rd
Pinsonfork, Kentucky 41555

68 Grassy Br
Raccoon, Kentucky 41557

10051 Regina Belcher Hwy
Regina, Kentucky 41559

6500 Robinson Creek Rd
Robinson Creek, Kentucky 41560

4535 Marrowbone Creek Rd
Rockhouse, Kentucky 41561

147 Longview Dr
Shelbiana, Kentucky 41562

17340 E Big Creek Rd
Sidney, Kentucky 41564

2308 Fedscreek Rd
Steele, Kentucky 41566

50351 State Highway 194 E
Stopover, Kentucky 41568

1070 Ky Highway 610 W
Virgie, Kentucky 41572

Pike County

There are 33 US Post Offices in Pike County serving a total of 59,333 residents equating to 1,798 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 94,702 packages are handled across the 33 county post offices annually. Pike County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 65,024. Its county seat is Pikeville. The county was founded in 1821. Pike is Kentucky's easternmost county, it is also the state's largest county in terms of land area. Pike County is the 11th largest county in Kentucky in terms of population preceded by Bullitt County and followed by Christian County. Pike County is Kentucky's third largest banking center, with financial institutions and holding companies having more than $1 billion in assets. In the five years spanning 1995-2000, personal income increased by 28%, and the county's per capita income exceeded the national and state average growth rates of the past decade. Pike County is the seventy-first Kentucky county in order of creation. With regard to the sale of alcohol, it is classified as a moist county\u2014a county in which alcohol sales are prohibited (a dry county), but containing a \"wet\" city, in this case two cities: Pikeville and Coal Run Village, where package alcohol sales are allowed."