New Madrid County Post Offices

235 Madison St
Canalou, Missouri 63828

102 E 1st St
Gideon, Missouri 63848

517 State Hwy W
Kewanee, Missouri 63860

203 N 3rd St
Lilbourn, Missouri 63862

105 W Main St
Marston, Missouri 63866

106 Main St
Matthews, Missouri 63867

312 W Beech St
Morehouse, Missouri 63868

450 Mill St
New Madrid, Missouri 63869

205 S Broad St
Parma, Missouri 63870

305 King Ave
Portageville, Missouri 63873

203 Front St
Risco, Missouri 63874

308 1st St
Tallapoosa, Missouri 63878

New Madrid County

There are 12 US Post Offices in New Madrid County serving a total of 16,433 residents equating to 1,369 residents per post office. It's estimated that approximately 26,229 packages are handled across the 12 county post offices annually. New Madrid County (pronounced /nju\u02d0 \u02c8m\u00e6dr\u1d7bd/) new-MAD-rid) is a county located in the Bootheel of the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the population was 18,956. The largest city and county seat is New Madrid, located on the northern side of the Kentucky Bend in the Mississippi River, where it has formed an oxbow around an exclave of Fulton County, Kentucky. This feature has also been known as New Madrid Bend or Madrid Bend, for the city. The county was officially organized on October 1, 1812, and is named after Nuevo Madrid, a district located in the region. This area was under Spanish rule following France's cession of North American territory after being defeated by Britain in the Seven Years' War. The Spanish named the district after Madrid, the capital of Spain. The county includes a large part of the New Madrid Fault that produced the 1811\u201312 New Madrid earthquakes. This zone has the potential to produce more earthquakes in the future."